Thursday, October 27, 2011



fo porter from abq! these are some of my fave pics of her!

dirty Flirrty!

party effects made this song for me haha
yes im singing

last night

i couldnt even get an answer! last night! lmao

anyways so last night i was working at uptown of course
it was me
faithy poo
and the new girl
shes blonde one of the only

monica i believe she seems like a sweet girl
catches on right away
thats a good thing in the waiting industry
or any work actually lol

anywho back to my story i served this group of 5 who seemed tipsy already

on girl about 21-23
a lady 30-40
three older guys. one of them "rich" lol
he owns like subways around the country lol
any who they start by ordering drinks all with shots on the side
so their tab was pretty high

then decides to start holding my hand and telling me sweet nothings ha
and the red head20s is like mr rich calm down shes just waiting on us blah blah blah
pulls me aside to ask if im okay and if i have alot of tables
whic i say im okay and not many tables
he response

"good he will treat you well"

so drinks and drinks go out i flirt a little
throw some fierce looks at
and he ask me to quit my job so he can take care of me haha

i kindly took his number but threw it away at the end of the night

i think ill pass on the for now
mama likes her job and does it well

btw tipped pretty well :)


Natasha Poly for Vogue Espana of nov 2011 issue.

love love love her spread so amazing
all from the shoulder up!

Friday, October 21, 2011

On set

So ive been doing alot of video work for my good friend maya...
Here are some pics of makeup

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Loving my new purple booties with bow ties :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So a few years ago me and desiree were chilling with her sister and then boyfriend.

The boyfriend was upset or mad for some reason

So being the nice individual that i am
I asked

"why the long face?" And before he could respond desiree yells out
"because he ain't got no chin stupid"

Instantly we both start laughing! Me being right next to him was the cherry on the cake just a loud bitch laughing in his face.

Another time at this party we met a guy named Mitch.

Seconds after him telling us his name we both said in sync

"Mitch? sounds like bitch!" and laughed in his face
Later we apologized for being bitches

Definitely a mean girl moment but we all have em. Love ya girl!

Monday, October 17, 2011


So i think its funny how flirting with a guy makes him automatically think you will go home with him. Tonight at work i served some guys real tall and good-looking. So yes i flirted a lot while i served them; but once the check came he left a little note with my tip.

He left me his number and the hotel he is staying at.
As flattered as i was

this mama isn't that easy...

Call me when you have diamonds big boy hahahahaha


Went shopping with my mom all day today and yestaday... Bought this cute hair bow. Its pretty dramatic but hey go big or go home!


I love when my baby is sleeping he just looks so fucking cute!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


check out this dope video of this guy dancing to pumped up kicks dubstep remix!


i have no trouble finding guys. or flirting with them for that matter.. my confidence level has been high lately.. i have been flirting alot, talking with some guys that have caught my interest or looked somewhat of a decent catch for Albuquerque.. but why is it that once i have them i start to lose interest... this hasn't always happened but recently these feelings come where all i want it to have a conversation with a cute guy but once that happens.. the urge to talk to him or keep conversation going just gets smaller and smaller... maybe i need to try something new? maybe I'm not looking for the right guy? how do you know who the right guy is? and if there is one who says he is right for me?

all i know is if you havent found that someone yet, you sure as hell wont find em if you stop looking...


maybe some women arent ment to be tamed
maybe they need to run free untill they find someone just as wild to run with them