Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more gisele!

of course i had to edit some of my pics!
check them out! love the b&w look!

phillip david


love these they look so mysterious

more alison

so i went through my photoshoots that i did
decided to edit them up a little more
 to see if i could
find a better pictures that i like

 here is some of my friend alison!
we shot her normal
then i gave her black hair
a dark eye to give her another look


love this video
the makeup is insane!


jlo is gonna have a new clothing and jewlery line at khols
hopefully its better than
the kardashian kollection at sears...

sad to say i only liked one shirt from their collection

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

nicole scherzinger

love this!

omg shes back!

look how great raven looks!

beyonce covers W

some of my fave pics from her w magazine shoot!

aw snaps

beyonce and naomi
wearing the same dress!

my girl nana!

naomi gets tied up for V magazine!
oh how i wish i could cover this magazine!

naomi looks fanulous
amazing model


everyone loves buttons

i hate this part
such a beautiful song
the first time i partied with alexis penney
we went to a kareoke bar
for someone birthday
yes i sang but i had the assistance of alexis
cause i was too nervous to go alone lol

fuckin love hush hush
nicole looks fabulous in every shot
love her fro and blue eyeshadow

wait a minute
omg i loved this song when it came out
i use to love to dance to this all the time
and sing as loud as possible on my way to school lol
bottle pop

some of my fave pussycat dolls songs and videos!

jam (turn it up)

dont really like the song
but kims looking good like always!
cant wait to see the rest of the video

her single cover

some looks from the video!


lol love this bitch!

thats right!

the face pose!

all these photos are very similar and different at the same time

love them!

fuckin fantastic

love this!

amazing song!
i just wanna blaze a fat blunt and listen to this on repeat!

lady g

lol love this performance!
the whole foot on the piano is brilliant!


found this amazing model on
model mayhem
her work is fabulous!
here are some of my fave pics!

so chic
so coutoure!

here is her model mayhem page

and her blog page!

keep up the great work girly! your flawless!