Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a little behind the scenes action

this is me and desiree haha actually to think about it one day me and her got all chola'd out and ran errands haha i have a pic of me but not her
lol ==>

white goo pt 2 ft matthais tootelian

matthew tootelian
so yes i have been playing with alot of paint! haha
its my new fave haha
well for the mean time haha

hair done by gisele tavarossi
styling done by gisele and matthw
fucking amazing!
emeli sande

gisele tavarossi
Romy n Michelle's high school reunion
fucking love this movie

No dirck for you
Pumped up kicks lol
Patrick mohr runway

Lord have mercy!!!!
vincent azzopardi looking delish!