Wednesday, June 29, 2011


one of my all time faves by portishead!

this performance always gives me the shivers

Free at last :)

although i got let go today from my job im in such a great mood!
the weight is lifted off my shoulders
and this is just a new chapter in my life
ive learned so much from working there
ive met some amazing people
and some of the rudest people there
i dont regret anything cause everything that happened was just a lesson to learn
now i will start over find a better job
better myself ...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

cali cali where my heart lives

me performing at the
infamous High Fantasy
at Aunt Charlies
in San francisco

speacial shout out to
Alexis Penney
Myles Cooper


me performing in abq

with my Gay Boy Friend

photoshoot i did with visionaire   (

peter gonzales (!/profile.php?id=537425823) is a very talented photographer! he shot these of me and the makeup artist was eliy! ( fabulous girl!

some pics of me that i never released! both of these shoots were shot by the amazing cameron davis! to see more of his work go to
dope work! he definetaly inspires me on a whole new level! his talent is beyond amazing!

Monday, June 27, 2011

sodie pop!

sodie asked me to shoot her naked before she had her baby, she was like due a few days after! and now baby soraya is with us!

sexy beckie

i decided to go softer with beckies makeup
shes a goreous girl
 i wanted to capture her beauty

first shoot

i was feeling really red doing his makeup! i wanted something crazy and not so pretty normal..

shoot with sir royal t

sir royal t
we were going for a euro trash look
with deep cheek definition
and a deep brow