Thursday, October 27, 2011

last night

i couldnt even get an answer! last night! lmao

anyways so last night i was working at uptown of course
it was me
faithy poo
and the new girl
shes blonde one of the only

monica i believe she seems like a sweet girl
catches on right away
thats a good thing in the waiting industry
or any work actually lol

anywho back to my story i served this group of 5 who seemed tipsy already

on girl about 21-23
a lady 30-40
three older guys. one of them "rich" lol
he owns like subways around the country lol
any who they start by ordering drinks all with shots on the side
so their tab was pretty high

then decides to start holding my hand and telling me sweet nothings ha
and the red head20s is like mr rich calm down shes just waiting on us blah blah blah
pulls me aside to ask if im okay and if i have alot of tables
whic i say im okay and not many tables
he response

"good he will treat you well"

so drinks and drinks go out i flirt a little
throw some fierce looks at
and he ask me to quit my job so he can take care of me haha

i kindly took his number but threw it away at the end of the night

i think ill pass on the for now
mama likes her job and does it well

btw tipped pretty well :)