Saturday, November 26, 2011


Are really funny and sadly all the same. So last night this guy came into my bar. Nice young fellow; tall, blue eyes, tattoos. My fave! Anywho when I see someone of interest of course I'm gonna talk to him.

Well after I did the slut of uptown/brew pub had to bring her fucking chunky monkey grungy face up to his table and start talking to him.

So being the competitive type I told him bout how slutty she is. And since I don't really like the bitch I'll tell you her story.

Well it goes a little something like this.
She's short.. ugly
Stanky and fugly
The bitch has no class
She smells like ass
She has a fucked up face
When she leaves your place
You feel disgraced
Stringy two toned hair
And and mugly stare
When you look at her
You get hella scared


Anyways back to my story. After I told him about her gross slutty self he still talking to her. I found out today with we stupid ugly self telling everyone.

But like the saying goes

If you can find better pussy then fuck it

In this case the pussy obviously isn't better it's worse stinky and probably loose filled with plenty of disguising shit.

So therefor I ask you. Is it better to save yourself for the right guy or hold off till you get to know him or should we just let our vaginas free to roam to any dick she smells or sense in her area?