Tuesday, June 5, 2012

luka rocco magnotta

What a crazy story
But who knows he probably had a lot of mental problems. Maybe he was abused very young. He seems to want a lot of attention. Kinda like me. Haha

He was being hunt down by animal activist before the cops n FBI started looking for him.

Videos circulating of him killing kittens and supposedly his bf Lin jun
Cray cray. Below is a pic of magnotta kinda looks like a fiend of mine lol Kyle Duran cough cough

Unknown family memers say magnotta use to make rumors up about him and deny then later when confronted about them.
Magnotta was arrested on June 9th in a coffee shop reading an article about himself.

Magnotta fled the country to Berlin after being Flagged for arrest (ha dont know if i said that right)